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Steps Through Time - The Story of Winchcombe

Full details of the event can be found by clicking here or following the menu tab on the right of the screen.  A separate tab also appears here in order for you to purchase tickets for either collection from This Fair Isle, North Street, Winchcombe or for them to be posted direct to you for a modest extra charge of 25p each.  Please note that it will not be possible to hold tickets for collection on the door.   

Chairman's Report Spring 2013

This is the sixteenth Annual Report of the Friends and we are still working hard for the welfare of St Peter's. The figures show that we have had another successful year of fund raising. Thank goodness, because the upkeep of the church and churchyard could swallow every penny we have. As I write this William Hall's finely finished oak cabinet covering the electric switchboard has been installed; it epitomises the way we add that little something to a project which, but for our contribution, might have just had a basic cover made or carried on without, remaining an eyesore. We have thereby helped to enhance the appearance of the church, complementing the nearby entrance lobby, to which we contributed £12,500 a few years ago.


External illumination of the Tower

The tower of St. Peter’s can now be floodlit

All the comments received about this project have been positive. The Friends of St Peter’s have been working towards this end for some years and they see the project as a very clear link with the town. Whilst not necessarily committed Christians, most residents will have cause to enter the church at some point in their lives and recognise the role this historic building and its cockerel wind vane play as the town’s emblem.