Friends of St Peters Winchcombe

Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting

To The Friends of St Peter’s


It is with regret that I give Notice that I am retiring from your Committee, and my position as chairman of The Friends of St Peter’s, for personal reasons.


An Extraordinary Meeting of the Membership, chaired by the Rector, will be held in St Peter’s Church on Wednesday, July 16th   at 7.30pm. The main item on the Agenda will be the election of a new Chairman,

Anyone is welcome but voting will be limited to the paid up membership.


I wish my successor a fair wind and the enthusiastic back up that I have enjoyed from Friends and supporters


Christine Lainé

89 Gloucester Street, Winchcombe


Chairman's Report for the year ended December 2013

The year has seen more than usual activity as three major projects have been completed after being in the pipeline for several years. Church work is slow but worthwhile in the end. After spending little money in recent years we have completed the electrical upgrade, the West End reordering and the illumination of the Tower. 


External illumination of the Tower

The tower of St. Peter’s can now be floodlit

All the comments received about this project have been positive. The Friends of St Peter’s have been working towards this end for some years and they see the project as a very clear link with the town. Whilst not necessarily committed Christians, most residents will have cause to enter the church at some point in their lives and recognise the role this historic building and its cockerel wind vane play as the town’s emblem.